Treating Casualties of War

Amer Shoaib treating casualties of the civil war in Syria. Amer worked in Syria for two weeks, performing limb saving surgery on men, women and children injured in the brutal civil war.

Amer has started a registered charity called Orthocycle, which collects discarded medical equipment and braces for use in areas of the world where there is either no Orthopaedic Surgeon, or Orthotic provision.



Orthocycle now a Registered Charity

Orthocycle, the charity run by Amer Shoaib and colleagues, is now listed as a Registered Charity with the Charity Commission.

This status will enhance the work that Orthocycle does, both in the UK and abroad. Orthocycle provides training courses to doctors within the UK, and provides clinical care and orthotics to those in need abroad.


Foot and Ankle Surgery Course in Manchester

Surgeons from all over the United Kingdom came to Manchester in June 2014 to learn new skills in Foot and Ankle Surgery.

Amer Shoaib, and colleague Anand Pillai, ran a course for junior surgeons to learn modern techniques in Foot and Ankle Surgery at Manchester Medical School.

‘We hope that the surgeons who attend our course will be able to apply their new skills in their own hospitals, for the benefit of their patients” said Amer.